As Timeline is custom visual component for Microsoft Power BI. It can be used to visualize time based information, such as scheduling information. As Timeline custom visual can be found from the Microsoft AppSource.

Release notes

1.5.1 (10.9.2018)
  • No data screen shown when roles are specified but no data lines.
  • Fixed: exception thrown when end > start.
  • Fixed: exception when metadata missing from framework params.
1.5.0 (6.9.2018)
  • New feature: Overlay texts to databars.
  • New feature: Today bar.
  • New feature: Custom sized data area.
  • New setting: Enable/disable scales.
  • New setting: Line color (scales, legend font)
  • New setting: White space clears selection: on/off.
  • Fix: Selection kept after sorting.
  • Fix: Default color can be changed when no
  • Separator freely selectable text
  • Settings rearranged.
1.4.0 (1.9.2018)
  • New feature: user can assign custom tooltip texts.
  • New feature: user configurable multiselect tool.
  • New feature: additive multiselect with user setting.
  • Fix: help screen flashes on data loading.
  • Fix: Databars not shown in IE when legend is enabled.
  • Fix: Databar colors for categories not same as in other visuals.
  • Fix: Legend items are not sorted.
  • Fix: Using number as entity caused labels to disappear.
  • Fix: Black stroke added to databars.
1.3.0 (6.5.2018)
  • New feature: User assignable category colors.
  • New feature: Stacked / non-stacked, with user setting.
  • New feature: Entity separator line, with user setting.
  • New feature: Selection tool, able to select one item, horizontal line, vertical line.
  • New feature: Tooltips.
  • New feature: Legend, with user setting.
  • New feature: Help screen.
  • New user setting: Selection tool on / off.
  • New user setting: Animations on / off.
  • Sort order is persistent.
  • Support for bookmarks.
  • Default colors from PowerBI theme.
  • Data read only when it has changed.
  • Revert to default settings works.
1.2.0 (11.2.2018)
  • Animations added to imply sort order.
  • Bug: selection changes after sort, fixed.
  • Axel lines changed to thinner ones.
  • New 20x20 icon.
  • Code refactored.
1.1.0 (7.1.2018)
  • Clicking y-axis sorts by entity, category. X-axis by startDate, endDate.
  • New user settings (y-axis fontsize, x-axis fontsize, x-tickcount, and separator).
  • Selection can be cleared by clicking in the free area of svg.
  • Lodash-library to use.
  • d3-library updated.
1.0.0 (22.12.2017)
  • First version.